Welcome 2014



I hope you had a fun Christmas celebration with family and friends and here we are, starting 2014.

Hopefully you are making plans for summer holidays, meeting up with friends you haven't seen for a while and enjoying life. Remember, in life we have to make things happen and treating yourself to a holiday or two I highly recommend. 

My resolution is to enjoy life and be happy, but first I have to lose some weight. As you know, I am very fashion conscious, and also a foodie, and now it is beginning to show. 

I'm starting the New Year with no alcohol, no restaurants and no puds for one month. Disaster Darling! 

My first holiday break booked for 2014 is the Loire Valley in France, starting on 12th June and back at work on 26th June. 

Keep looking at my monthly blog, that is where you'll find the dates of my breaks, and that way we keep in touch. 

I hope you have a happy and healthy year, creating good memories.


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