It's been a while since I talked about fashion. In autumn and winter there are a few things men need, like coats and layers.

I look through Men's fashion magazines and you can see some smart clothes, but who buys them? Unlike the ladies, who make an effort to dress up when they go out, I look around at their partners and I don't see much effort. Where has that special evening gone? You can be casual but still smart.

For example, men's coats are becoming more luxurious and it is becoming trendy to wear them with accessories such as scarves. In my opinion, to look sharp you can't beat a suit, mix that up with a coloured waistcoat, which is making a comeback in the fashion world, and then you've got that casual look again.

Dressing tastefully reflects your style so which would be the next fashion item you must have this year? As for me, my next item is a ring which I am having made with the family coat of arms. Finding the crest was not easy as Lane in Ireland is very different from Lane in England and then there is the shape of the ring, and where to have it made. 

So with lots of searching I found an engraver who's been in the jewellery trade for the last 47 years. I am now waiting to see the artwork for my approval, prior to the engraving. 

Now that will reflect my style. 

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