Dordogne Experience

I’m just back from the Dordogne, where I stayed in Sarlat, a medieval town with narrow streets and courtyards. The restaurants are great too, especially Le Grand Bleu.

The caves at Gouffre de Padirac are well worth a visit. The tunnels inside were formed at least a million years ago. They have a constant temperature of around 13 deg C. You walk and then take a boat ride through magnificent stalagmites and stalactites.

I also went to Rocamadour, a great place, the Chapel of Our Lady is a church where pilgrims would make the entire climb up 216 steps on their knees. Some still do that today.

I also went to La Roque de Saint Christophe. There you can see cave dwellings probably from around 5,000 BC to the middle ages. I also went to Chateau des Milandes which was once owned by Josephine Baker, the singer and dance entertainer from the 1920s in Paris. Her stage dresses and photos of her incredible life are all on display. There is a falconry display in the grounds each day, which was brilliant.

I took some really good photos and I sure enjoyed the foie gras!

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