Chatsworth House

The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire own Chatsworth House and sixteen generations of his family have lived there.

There is a collection of contemporary art and sculpture. The painted hall is where you enter the house and it is the largest and grandest room in the original house.

In the State music room there is a painting on a door of a violin and bow, painted in about 1723 it is so real it looks like it is hanging on the door.

The State bedchamber bed was made for Kensington Palace and it is the bed in which George II died.

In the north sketch gallery lobby is a group of portraits by the 20th Century British painter Lucian Freud (1992-2011).

In the dome room is Chatsworth's most recognized works of art, the Veiled Vestal Virgin 1847 by the Italian artist Raffaelle Monti (1818-1881). The sculpture is beautiful.

There is also a Sculpture Gallery where you can see the bust of Napoleon (1800s) by Antonio Canova and also another of his masterpieces, the figure of the Sleeping Shepherd (1819). A couple of most striking sculptures are a pair of sleeping lions at the end of the gallery.

The gardens are wonderful with fountains, waterfalls and rock gardens. There is so much to see. I was there 6 ½ hours and did not see all of it. A great day out.  

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